Student Pilot Guide

Student Pilot Guide
For veteran members of the flying community, the question 'How do I get a Pilotís License?' seems to have a simple answer. But for the uninitiated, it is a task that can seem overwhelming.

Before beginning flight training, it is important to have a basic understanding of the responsibilities, safety regulations, and other issues you will face, including the choice of an instructor, selecting study materials, study habits, and the role of the instructor, student, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This guide lays out for prospective student pilots and for those already engaged in flight training, in 'how to' fashion, the general procedures for obtaining FAA student pilot, sport pilot, recreational pilot, and private pilot certificates.

Answers a student pilot's most frequently asked questions including:

  • The Role of the Instructor
  • What Flight Training Requires
  • Instructor and Student Relationship
  • Medical Requirements
  • Preparing for and taking the Knowledge Tests
  • Suggested Study Materials
  • And More.
Author: FAA

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