Starting a Balloon Ride Business

Starting a Balloon Ride Business

This book provides detailed information about starting a hot air balloon ride business. It was written by a veteran of the hot air balloon industry who has been an active pilot for over 30 years.

It covers important topics that need to be considered when researching the business. It includes invaluable information about licencing, aviation regulations, weather, pilot and crew requirements, balloon size considerations, airspace, insurance, dealing with passengers, and much more.

If you've ever thought about starting a balloon ride business, this book is for you.

It's crammed with detailed information from a long-time industry professional. The valuable information will give you an insider's edge that can help you make smart business decisions as you work toward opening your own ride business. This information has never been offered before, anywhere. The only way you could get this information in the past would be to invest years working in the industry or by hiring an expensive consultant to guide you.

Anyone interested in starting a balloon ride business will find the information invaluable as they determine if a balloon ride business is the correct choice for them.

Table of contents:
  • Overview
  • A Typical Balloon Flight
  • Flight Characteristics
  • Pilot Licensing
  • Aircraft Licensing
  • Airspace Considerations
  • Weather Considerations
  • Terrain Requirements
  • Support Crew Requirements
  • Landowner Relations
  • Fuel Requirements
  • Insurance and Liability
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Passenger Expectations
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Balloon Size Considerations
  • Support Equipment
  • Free Flights vs. Tethered Flights
  • Community Education
  • Captive Balloons
  • Business Considerations
  • Payment Policies
  • Additional Resources
  • Post Flight Story and Balloonist's Prayer
  • Sample Documents
  • Phone Reservation Form
  • Reservation Confirmation Email

This book will give you the information about all the major pieces of the puzzle required to make your balloon ride business fly.

This publication is in PDF (electronic) format. It can be downloaded instantly when you complete your order. No waiting to get it delivered! You can print it yourself using any home or office printer if you would like to have a printed copy.

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