is on a new mission

The first home for the sport of hot air ballooning on the web, is ready for a new chapter.

25 years. That’s a long time! began life as the first portal for the sport of hot air ballooning when a BBS (Bulletin Board System) moved from a single dial-up message board to a website.

The internet was in its infancy, but ballooning had been around for over 200 years as the first way humans left the earth in a flying vehicle.

Move forward to today, and this rare domain, which has been continuously registered to the same owner for a quarter century, is now ready for the next chapter in its history.

The ballooning site still exists, and thrives today at If you’re looking for information on the sport of ballooning, that’s the place to go.

If you have interest in the domain, you’re invited to contact the owner: